Our Company

Brean Real Estate Solutions

BRES is a “future forward” thinking company

Julie Madnick and Linda Sanchez established BRES in July 2020 in response to anticipated problems wrought by COVID-19

We recognize the need for a motivated, highly skilled, boutique third-party special servicer and asset management firm

BRES serves our clients by satisfying a need for high touch asset management capabilities

We are uniquely positioned to understand our client’s business

  • BRES is an experienced investment manager with the ability to co-invest, aligning our economic interests.
  • Skilled management of CRE across the continuum from acquisition due diligence, to pro-active surveillance, to expert asset management through to maturity, results in maximization of value.
  • We apply our extensive experience as a directing certificate holder on behalf of institutional investors to our workout strategies, considering the entirety of the investment.
  • Our decision making reflects our years of experience as fiduciaries.
  • We are attentive and responsive to our clients; we bring a fresh energy and an unflappable dedication day in and day out.
  • Our sound operational controls, comprehensive reporting, strong asset management systems and technology create efficiencies that support detailed and timely communication with investors.
  • BRES provides clients with all the benefits of owning their own dedicated special servicer and asset manager without the expense of building and managing the business.
Brean Real Estate Solutions
Brean Real Estate Solutions

Our Asset Management Maximizes CRE Value

  • Provides institutional clients with a team of asset managers committed to maximizing the value of distressed CRE.
  • High-touch, creative asset management approaches to working out troubled debt.
  • Our cycle tested, bottom-up core credit expertise provides downside protection for our clients.
  • Treat each asset uniquely and devise workout strategies that strive to generate value; foreclosure is dual tracked but we have found returns are increased via pursuit of alternatives.
  • Develop workout strategies which incorporate the cost to resolve an asset, thereby maximizing recovery on a present value basis.